The Writtle engineering team who created 2MT -

Back : B Maclarty / H Kirke / R Wynn / H Russell

Front : F Bubb / N Ashbridge / P Eckersley / E Trump / E Beeson

The assembled 2MT transmitter

Singer Nora Scott in the 2MT hut performing on a Tuesday evening transmission

The 2MT hut in Lawford Lane, Writtle

...again - in glorious technicolour...!

Gallery.  A collection of photos spanning 90+ years...    First - some of the few photos taken in 1922, of the people & the hut.

...and so to the present day - a collection of photos taken in October 2015, when we retraced the steps of those early pioneers from the Cock & Bell pub to the site of the 2MT hut in Lawford Lane...

The Writtle village sign on the green

The Cock & Bell - a short walk from the 2MT hut

The unusually named 'Melba Court' where the 2MT hut was sited

The original 2MT hut position, rear of Melba Court

Lawford Lane bridleway, looking north

The sign acknowledging the village's radio history

Lawford Lane to the left, now a 'no through road' but still a bridleway path to Rainsford Road  

Yours truly, at the Marconi Hut sign, & holding an important reference book !  

Lawford Lane bridleway, - original track entrance to the 2MT field site

Lawford Lane bridleway, looking north

The Marconi Hut Writtle sign, in Lawford Lane at the entrance to Melba Court, giving a good description of the significance of the hut & the people involved

The Chelmsford City District signs, acknowledging our historical significance

Probably named after one of the 2MT pioneers - near to the Marconi Company New Street works

The original 2MT hut is now safely preserved inside the Sandford Mill Museum in Chelmsford, with a display based on the concert by Nora Scott & the original Cock & Bell piano!  Information boards give a good description of the 2MT story, & we recommend a visit to Sandford Mill to view this & other industrial heritage displays.  

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