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Gallery 3.  We recently re-visited All Saints Church, Writtle, to view the special stained glass window added in 1992 which includes a commemoration of the radio works of Guglielmo Marconi.


Details below from the All Saints History and Guide booklet...

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Further detail is given by Tim Wander in his 2010 publication '2MT Writtle - The Birth of British Broadcasting':


On Monday 15th June 1992, the Directors of GEC-Marconi Communications and Baroness Platt of Writtle hosted the dedication of a stained glass window in All Saints Church, Writtle ... The service was attended by Marconi's grandson Prince Guglielmo Giavanelli Marconi.


The Artist, Jane Grey describes the window:


'At the heart of the design is the Sun. Its radiance can be interpreted as divine Love spreading outwards to all people, while at the same time the widening rings depict radio waves travelling in every direction. The colours of the circles symbolise the earth, sea and sky.'

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The window is sited in The Nicholas Chapel of All Saints Church, in the picturesque village of Writtle. Well worth visiting, & only a short distance from the original Cock and Bell Public House building & Lawford Lane.

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